Practice Areas


  • Hiring employees including advice on recruitment
  • Drafting executive and other written employment agreements
  • Managing the employment relationship—including drafting and implementing policy manuals including harassment and bullying policies
  • Terminating the employment relationship—how to avoid or settle wrongful dismissal actions, including providing advice on just cause, notice periods, damage awards and the litigation process
  • Representing your interests in court
  • Navigating the Employment Standards Act  and Regulations as well as the federal employment standards legislation
  • Defining and enforcing fiduciary duties and protecting your confidential information
  • Drafting, implementing and enforcing restrictive covenants and other matters affecting the departing employee
  • Responding to and managing shareholder/employee disputes including applications for oppression remedies under the B. C. Business Corporations Act

Human Rights

  • Advising on how to avoid human rights complaints
  • Managing the absent employee—the biggest challenge to employers today
  • Planning for succession without discriminating against older workers
  • Successfully having human rights complaints summarily dismissed to minimize costs
  • Knowing how to settle human rights complaints to provide full protection to the employer
  • Representing your interests in human rights hearings and any subsequent court disputes
  • Pursuing human rights complaints on behalf of individuals


  • Advising on strategies that recognize the value of your employees and arranging your business to ensure a union does not get a toe-hold
  • Planning for projected changes in labour laws
  • Defeating union organizing drives and applications for certification of your employees
  • Defending clients charged with unfair labour practices
  • Applying for the necessary relief from picketing or strikes
  • Acting as spokesperson for employers in collective bargaining
  • Advising how to successfully operate in a union environment
  • Representing your interests in arbitrations, LRB hearings and related court applications

Workers Compensation

  • Advising on how to draft and implement a harassment and bullying policy that complies with WorkSafeBC regulations while at the same time minimizing disruption and costs to your business
  • Representing employers before WorkSafeBC and the Workers Compensation Appeal Tribunal
  • Advising on compliance with OHS Regulations

Family Enterprises and Corporate Governance

  • Advising on the practical and legal issues affecting private family-owned businesses
  • Providing advice on corporate governance and best practices that make sense for businesses small and large as well as non-profit organizations
  • Succession planning