Friends, Labour Code and E S Act Amendments In our recent newsletter and blog posts we advised that the NDP/Green coalition government introduced significant amendments to the Labour Relations Code (“Bill 30”) and the Employment Standards Act (“Bill 8”): Labour Relations Amendment Act 2019 – SUMMARY OF PROVISIONS  (BUT notice that the link to Bill 30 in.. read more →

MAILED TO SUBSCRIBERS TO THE NEWSLETTER OF Michael Weiler Employment + Labour Law on May 21, 2019 Friends, Bill 8: Employment Standards Act Amended Again – Some “Tips” For You – On April 30th 2019, the NDP government introduced amendments to the Employment Standards Act (the “Act”) see: Employment Standards Act.  The amendments are proposed in Bill 8, the Employment.. read more →

  MAILED TO SUBSCRIBERS TO THE NEWSLETTER OF Michael Weiler Employment + Labour Law on May 13, 2019 Dear Clients and Friends, Labour Relations Code amendments — Why are BC Fed Officials Smiling?  On April 30th 2019, the NDP government introduced Bill 30, the Labour Relations Code Amendment Act, that fundamentally alters the law in favour of unions.. read more →

MAILED TO SUBSCRIBERS TO THE NEWSLETTER OF Michael Weiler Employment + Labour Law on January 23, 2019 Friends, Happy New Year folks.  I trust everyone had a break over Christmas and hit the refresh button getting ready for what will undoubtedly be a very important year for employers and employees in BC.  Assuming the NDP is.. read more →

On December 15, 2011 the federal government gave Royal Assent to the omnibus Bill C-13. Included in that Bill was Part 12, which amended the Canadian Human Rights Act to repeal certain provisions that allowed for mandatory retirement. It also amended the Canada Labour Code to repeal a provision that denied employees the right to.. read more →

Generally, when we report on decisions of human rights tribunals, it is bad news for employers. However, two recent decisions of the Supreme Court of Canada (“SCC”) have limited the power and scope of inquiry for Human Rights Tribunals (“HRT”) and that should benefit employers. Canadian Human Rights Tribunal Has No Authority To Award Costs The SCC has.. read more →

THE BRITISH COLUMBIA government recently passed amendments to the Workers’ Compensation Act (Bill 14) which will significantly impact employers. These amendments come into effect on July 1, 2012. The amendments expand workers’ compensation to include diagnosed mental disorders caused by bullying or harassment. Employers will be required to have formal prevention policies for harassment and.. read more →

WITH THE CHANGING demographics and skill shortages in Canada many employers are forced to hire temporary foreign workers to fill positions that Canadians do not want or cannot fill. The problem is especially acute in northern BC and Alberta. The federal and provincial governments are making it easier for employers to hire temporary foreign workers,.. read more →

I am often asked to explain the rules about employees who are off sick (including those who want to return to work). Unfortunately, the law in this area is unclear. There are far too many “interesting” questions – and we all know what it costs when your lawyer says “that is an interesting question”! Fortunately,.. read more →