For many years Mike has been fortunate in being an active member of the B.C. Chamber of Commerce Policy Review Committee with input on all labour, employment, human rights, WorkSafe matters, etc.  As the voice of small and medium sized businesses in particular, the Chamber in many ways reflects my clientele. I thought readers would.. read more →

Mike Weiler is an active member and committee member of the BC Chamber of Commerce.  Through that, Mike also participates as a member of the Employee Relations Committee of the Business Council of British Columbia.  The Business Council’s December 2015 issue of “Human Capital Law and Policy” newsletter reviews the provincial government’s updated labour market supply-demand outlook.. read more →

As most readers will know, the essence of a wrongful dismissal law suit is a claim that the employer, absent a binding written agreement limiting its liability, terminated the employee without just cause and without “reasonable working notice”. The employee claims damages for lack of working notice. If the claim is proven, the court will.. read more →

It gives me great pleasure that my brilliant nephew Jed Blackburn has allowed us to post his recent article on a very interesting Ontario case regarding punitive damages.  Jed is an associate in the Toronto offices of Cassels Brock Lawyers specializing in employment and labour law. ******* Last Updated: November 12 2015 When an employment.. read more →

09 Dec 2015
December 9, 2015


Last updated November 16, 2015 Recently  I reported on the rather remarkable case involving a number of Indo-Canadian veterinarians who successfully brought a complaint against the College of Veterinarians.  What was remarkable about the case was the fact the hearing lasted 356 days. One would think the parties would have been exhausted both mentally and financially. .. read more →