I always find it interesting to read cases where the employer is a union.  There is somehow an irony in seeing a union qua employer taking a hard-nosed stand against its employees who may be represented by a union.  In a recent court case where the Telecommunications Workers Union was the employer/defendant the result was.. read more →

A Spanish court has ruled that a civil servant who failed to show up to work for years in the southern city of Cadiz must pay back nearly 27,000 euros in wages. The ruling said the employee of a city-owned water utility did not appear at the office for up to six years and “did.. read more →

Readers of my blog and newsletters over the years will know I have one constant theme—employers should get enforceable written agreements for all employees and even “contractors”.  In that way the chances of expensive and time consuming litigation will be in most cases eliminated (I say in most cases because as the case in Miller.. read more →

In my December 2015 blog I reported on the increasing number of cases outside BC where damage awards were exceeding the normal “rough upper limit” of 24 months. I opined that likely the 24 month limit would continue to apply in British Columbia .  The trend of breaking the 24 month ceiling continues in Ontario.. read more →

In June 2015 the Federal Conservatives passed legislation to ensure that all federally regulated employees would have a secret ballot vote in any union certification application.   As one of the first orders of business the new Liberal government will take away that right when Bill C-4 passes into law. CURRENT LAW The Canada Labour Code.. read more →