UBC v KELLY — BRAR AND OTHERS v B.C. VETERINARY MEDICAL ASSOCIATION AND OSBORNE (No. 22) — DAVIS v SANDRINGHAM CARE CENTRE AND ANOTHER. Ever since the Supreme Court of Canada redefined the human rights analysis and most importantly the “duty to accommodate” (“DTA”) in 1999, human rights cases have become an increasingly large percentage.. read more →

Potter v New Brunswick Legal Aid Service Commission 2015 SCC 10 “[30] When an employer’s conduct evinces an intention no longer to be bound by the employment contract, the employee has the choice of either accepting that conduct or changes made by the employer, or treating the conduct or changes as a repudiation of the.. read more →

16 Apr 2015
April 16, 2015


Cases on ‘Good Faith’, Requiring Employees to be Shareholders, and more.  And, Are You Interested in a How-To Seminar on operating a Family or Friendly Business? Recently a lawyer friend of mine told me how elated he was that his son who had practiced in another jurisdiction came home and was now practicing with him.. read more →

McKinley v BC Tel [2001] 2 S.C.R. 161 The one thing the B.C. Court of Appeal has been known for in the area of employment law is the certainty their decisions often bring to the discussion.  Certainty in judicial pronouncements and laws is what all businesses crave.  This is ever so true in defining what.. read more →

21 Nov 2014
November 21, 2014


In my September 2010 Newsletter I reported on a case where two brothers were fighting each other over who had the right to hire and fire a certain employee. By the time the dust settled the employee was awarded almost $100,000 from the Employment Standards Branch, subsequently reduced on judicial review, and the legal fees.. read more →