Cary Feldstein was a talented software engineer who was given working notice of termination in 2012 by his then employer MacDonald, Dettwiler (“MDA”).  He had lots of opportunities to find alternate work as the judge found it was a “hot market” for software engineers although he only received two interviews despite sending out resumes to.. read more →

Jennifer Cottrill worked as a skin care therapist for 11 years.  She was a single mom who was terminated when she was 32 years old. The Plaintiff signed an employment contract that limited her notice period to that under the Employment Standards Act, namely 8 weeks’ severance. The Defendant argued it had just cause to.. read more →

It will come as no surprise that I remain interested in cases that deal with doing business with family and friends where the relationship breaks down and the parties end up in court. A recent decision of Madame Justice Burke reminds us just how far these disputes can go and how expensive they can be.. read more →

Having a written enforceable contract is important as readers of my blog will know primarily because it can limit an employer’s liability for termination without cause by limiting the amount of notice the employee would be entitled  at common law (see related blog on 2016 notice cases).  But there are other important terms in a.. read more →

27 Jan 2017
January 27, 2017


In a wrongful dismissal action the amount of damages will be determined by the court on the basis of putting the employee “in the same position as he would have been if he had been given reasonable working notice.”  In most cases the key compensation component is salary so that is easily determined.  But in.. read more →