25 Sep 2016
September 25, 2016


It’s getting increasingly tougher to give a clear statement to clients about their legal rights and obligations.  Take for example the issue of termination for cause for dishonest conduct.  Up until 2001, BC counsel would generally advise their clients that dishonesty would always constitute cause for termination based on a leading Court of Appeal decision. .. read more →

TCF Ventures Corp. v. The Cambie Malone’s Corp. 2016 BCSC 1521 Can a corporation bring a “wrongful dismissal “action?  The answer is yes. TCF Ventures Corp (“TCF”) sued The Cambie Malone’s Corporation (“Malone’s”) for wrongful dismissal.  TCF was the incorporated entity of Tim Fernback who provided a range of financial and commercial services through TCF. .. read more →

A. INTRODUCTION The new BC Societies Act will come into force on November 28, 2016, replacing the current Society Act. The new Act will be more similar to the current legislation for both business companies and not-for-profit corporations in BC and other Canadian jurisdictions. The changes are significant. Most commentators agree that the upgrade is.. read more →

Readers of my blog and newsletters over the years will know I have one constant theme—employers should get enforceable written agreements for all employees and even “contractors”.  In that way the chances of expensive and time consuming litigation will be in most cases eliminated [I say ‘in most cases’ because as the case of Miller.. read more →

In 2013 in the Irving Pulp & Paper the Supreme Court of Canada decided the rules on drug and alcohol testing.  With the legalization of marijuana in Canada on the Liberal’s agenda there has been greater interest in this topic.  While the Irving decision set the guidelines the courts and other adjudicators have grappled with.. read more →