Yes, you read that right!  In two recent cases, Ruston v. Keddco Mfg. (2011) Ltd.[1], the Ontario Superior Court of Justice has made this award in favour of a 54-year-old employee who was dismissed as President after 11 years’ service.  The Court found the employer did not have just cause for termination.  The Court’s award.. read more →

The Supreme Court of Canada has been very active over the years in expanding the protections of human rights legislation which it views as almost constitutionally protected rights.  The landmark decision Meiorin 1999 SCR 652 dramatically expanded the obligations on employers in respect of the duty to accommodate.  In another landmark ruling issued last month the.. read more →

It was reported that Fox News recently paid $90 million USD to settle shareholder claims for damages resulting from sexual harassment settlements.  Harvey Weinstein’s empire is crumbling under the allegations of sexual harassment and assault.  Charlie Rose has left his profession in disgrace.  The liberal Democrat Al Franken has tendered his resignation.  Christopher Plummer may.. read more →

Melissa Doyle worked for 9 years for the defendant Zochem Inc.  She was sexually harassed by the plant maintenance manager whom the defendant considered to be irreplaceable. She was terminated and brought an action for wrongful dismissal and damages for sexual harassment under the Ontario Human Rights Code.  The trial judge awarded damages for wrongful.. read more →

I have been involved with the B C Chamber of Commerce for over 30 years providing advice and input into matters related to labour, employment, workers compensation, human rights and related matters.   Every year the Chamber hosts a luncheon with the Premier and the members of Cabinet.  Except for the early years of the Liberals.. read more →