Robert Allen had a written employment contract with Ainsworth Lumber Co. Ltd. It provided that if he was terminated without cause: “…[Ainsworth] will provide you with 15 months’ notice or pay in lieu…” On October 15th 2009 Ainsworth purported to give Allen 15 months’ “notice” of termination, with the expectation that if he obtained alternate.. read more →

Michael Smyth, political reporter for The Province, had a recent article headlined “BC Hydro’s Six-Figure Club” (September 26, 2013).  The article noted that 2667 (or 45%) of Hydro’s employees made over $100,000 compensation, which includes various forms of benefits, perks, etc.  Some of the examples were shocking—a driver/helper making $151,975; a cable splicer making $198,829;.. read more →

Mike Weiler is a frequent presenter at seminars hosted by The Continuing Legal Education Society of BC and other organizations, in-house for clients, and for industry groups.  Mike recently spoke to the 2013 Annual Conference of the BC Senior Living Association (retirement community industry).  Access his PowerPoint slides here: Positive Non-Union Environments – Keeping Employees.. read more →

In my article published in the March 2011 edition of Signals* I reviewed why employers should have in place enforceable written employment agreements (see Save Thousands with Written Employment Agreements in my Newsletter Archives, June 1 2011).  If a well drafted, enforceable agreement is in place it will bring clarity to the relationship and usually.. read more →

  Online May 15, 2013:  “LABOUR RELATIONS BOARD CERTIFICATION HEARING LIST NO CERTIFICATION HEARINGS PRESENTLY SCHEDULED Last Updated: 15/May/2013”   Like the Toronto Maple Leafs leading 4-1 with 10 minutes to go in Game 7, the NDP managed to surprise everyone in every camp to “snatch defeat from the jaws of victory”.  Not surprisingly, employers in.. read more →